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Rodents -  in your home and garden can pose some serious health risks, the most common diseases transfer being Weils diseases, Hantavirus, Leptospirosis or Salmonellosis.  

What is your problem likely to be?  On the whole Rats, most common in Britain is the brown rat, can be found in the garden, garages and sheds. If you hear noises in the loft or cavities it’s more likely to be Mice (or if you’re unlucky, squirrels). 

In appearance the brown rat's body is 20cm long when fully grown, with a scaled bare tail which is not longer than its head and body. Its body is light brown in colour with a white underside. There are two main types of Mice in the UK (House mouse and Long tailed field mouse) the adult mouse weighs up to 50 grammes it usually has tan brown fur on its back and is grey underneath.  The tail is the same length as its body but is much thinner than the tail of a young rat.

If you can’t see whats making the noise and it’s loud, there's a good chance it’s a grey squirrel. Grey's can cause serious damage when entering the roof spaces of houses this can include structural damage to walls, roof's, wall cavities, loft insulation (for bedding) and timber they can also pose fire hazards by stripping off insulation from electrical wiring.

The best cure is prevention?  Proofing areas affected by rodents is not only the best and humane way to start but will also prevent the problems reoccurring. That’s why Rational staff carry proofing materials with us and we are all skilled at applying and making good the areas we've had to deal with. Our treatments always start with site review to look for the three things rodents look for - food, water and a place to live, once we understand this we proof and make changes where necessary.

Sometimes this isn't enough to solve the problem (particularly with squirrels) and we also have a full range of lethal and non-lethal traps. All our poisons are contained in lockable boxes if there are children, pets and non- target animals around.

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